Kim Sexson M.Ed

Teacher in Cleburne, Texas

I am a multi-grade elementary teacher. I have a student that I’ve taught in second, and now, third grade. She was unable to read last year, despite all my efforts. She entered third grade still unable to read even small three letter words. As a teacher, I had exhausted all of my resources, and I knew I needed help for this student. I downloaded the CPR Program and started her on it right before Thanksgiving, in 2020. Within a couple of weeks, I could see a difference! After Christmas, it was as though “a light bulb” came on, and she finally got it! I am amazed at how quickly the CPR Program is giving her the missing pieces of her reading foundation that I had so desperately tried to teach her on my own. She is now comfortable and eager to read her third grade science and social studies books, right along with her peers. The speed tests included in the CPR Program have greatly improved her fluency. Plus, she enjoys reading the CPR phonetic stories, which have given her more confidence to read other materials. As a result, her classmates have noticed and commented on how much her reading has improved. I would highly recommend the CPR Program for any students who may be struggling or whose teacher or parent just wants them to have a strong phonetic reading foundation!