The Controlled Phonetic Reading Teacher’s Edition for Single Letter Sounds contains 280 pages of Orton-Gillingham-based, HANDS-ON, MULTI-SENSORY, Word-for-word teaching lessons that are specifically designed for EARLY readers, STRUGGLING readers, or students diagnosed with DYSLEXIA.

It includes what no other phonics/reading program has on the market today: building phonetic stories that add just one sound at a time! Students begin reading their first story, “Tip,” after learning only three letter sounds. One sound is added for each additional lesson story until all 70 phonograms are mastered.

CPR (Controlled Phonetic Reading) is an Orton Gillingham-based program including a variety of HANDS-ON, MULTI-SENSORY,  phonetic reading lessons that include fun games, crafts, stories, and songs. They are specifically designed for young struggling readers (1st through 3rd grade) and are research-based and test-proven.

Simple, easy-to-follow 20 minute lessons are provided for classroom or homeschool use that include:

1. Phonological Awareness and Alphabet Activities

2. Building Phonetic Reading Stories that teach ONE Sound at a Time

3. Reading Comprehension Questions with Vocabulary Words

4. Speed Tests for Mastery learning

5. Cursive Handwriting

6. Spelling

The Controlled Phonetic Reading Program ADVANTAGES include:

1. Letters and sounds of the alphabet are not introduced alphabetically, but instead are taught in the ORDER OF FREQUENCY, depending on how often the letter sound occurs in the English language. For example, because the (x) is not as commonly used in the English language as the (y), the letter “y,” is introduced first. This order of presentation enables the student to BEGIN READING WITH THE MOST COMMONLY USED LETTER SOUNDS.

2. ALL SOUNDS are taught for each letter of the alphabet. For example, the letter, “i” has two sounds, (i) and (I).  This knowledge helps students understand that many letters have more than one sound. When students begin reading with multiple sounds for letters, if one sound does not make sense in the word, another can be tried until the word is decoded successfully. This knowledge allows the student to read more quickly.

3. In addition to teaching all the vowel sounds, the VOWELS are taught GRADUALLY, giving the students ample practice before learning the next vowel sound. Moreover, by introducing a vowel and two consonants, CPR gives students the ability to read three-letter words in the initial story, ADDING ONE LETTER SOUND IN EACH ADDITIONAL STORY. Therefore, the student only has to remember the letter sounds that have been taught thus far and does not have to remember all the letter sounds in the alphabet at once, as is done in most other phonetic readers.

4. NO “SIGHT WORDS” are introduced at this level in order to let the student develop a firm phonetic knowledge of the letter sounds before introducing exceptions. This method of introduction of letter sounds builds the student’s sense of security. *NOTE: This TE edition goes with the student reader and the other corresponding products on this website.

5. Provided reading SPEED TESTS ensure MASTERY. Additionally, the AFFIRMATION at the end of each lesson ensures feelings of pride and accomplishment. Students gain the confidence needed to become proficient readers and build mastery in language arts. By this systematic approach to reading, the CPR reading program empowers students for success.

To try out this amazing phonetic curriculum, download the free sample lesson. This Teacher’s Edition can be purchased with all the needed components of the entire program in the Complete Controlled Phonetic Reading Program Bundle.

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