Silent E Stories


Five Silent “E” Lessons, Stories, and Speed Drills


This reading/language resource includes five phonetic “Silent E” Stories that teach both the long and short vowel sounds of the letters “A,” “E,” “I,” “O,” and “U.” Additionally, it includes a teacher’s guide that outlines each lesson, a one-minute reading fluency test, and game cards over the silent “E” words used in the corresponding story. Each teacher’s guide has phonological awareness activities, manipulation and consonant blend exercises, multi-sensory games, and self-discovery lessons that introduce the stories and concepts.  Each story centers on one specific vowel sound and is found in near proximity within the story so that students can learn the primary function of the Silent “E” Rule: The silent “E” changes the short vowel sound into the long vowel sound, making the vowel say its name,” i.e. “Sam, a man at the zoo, pets the  lion’s mane.” The short vowel sound in the word, “man,” becomes a long vowel sound in the word, “mane,” when the silent “e” is added. This same principal is used in all five stories. Several questions also follow each story to ensure reading comprehension. Additionally, a one-page  instruction guide for teachers and parents is included, along with a one-minute reading fluency test over the the same boldfaced words that are used in each story, which helps word mastery, utilizing the Silent “E” Rule. This phonetic reading resource is specifically designed to help 1st-3rd graders who struggle with reading, but can be used with any student to teach the Silent “E” Rule. This resource can be inserted into the Controlled Phonetic Reading Program (preferably between Book 1 and Book 2) from the Creative Products 4 Reading website or used as a stand-alone reading resource. It is an excellent tool for teaching struggling readers or dyslexic students how the Silent “E” Rule manipulates the sounds of the vowels in words, while practicing this rule with sample words in a story context.

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